Rent-to-Own Program

Eagle Buildings offers a lease-purchase program, oftentimes called rent-to-own. It’s easy to get signed up. There is no credit check, and everyone is approved. All we require is a small security deposit (ranging from $100 to $200 depending on the size of the building) and the first month’s rent. After signing up, we will send you an invoice each month for 36 months. Keep the building for 36 months and it is yours. This is an affordable way to get the right storage building for your immediate needs without breaking the bank account.

Visit our Product Gallery to browse through a few of the buildings, carports or portable garages that we offer. Contact the lot nearest you for pricing information.

Used-Purchase Program

Eagle Buildings also offers you the option to purchase your new or used building outright. If you are searching for a used storage building to purchase, give us a call or come visit the lot nearest you to see what is available. Our dealer inventory is constantly changing so check back often to see what’s new.

All previously-owned units are carefully repaired when necessary, and cleaned prior to being offered for purchase. Please note that these units are sold “as is.”

Free Delivery within 50 miles of dealer lot

Eagle Buildings will make one free delivery attempt (included in the price of the building), within a 50-mile radius by road of the nearest dealer lot where your building was purchased. If the distance to your location is greater than 50 miles, there is a $3 per mile one-way charge that is payable when the building is purchased.


Eagle Buildings occasionally offers discounts and coupons on our products along with our affiliate businesses. Check with us often to find out if discounts may be applicable. Call for more details.